Broccoli-Sweet Potato Soup




In an 8 qt stock pot, heat oil over medium high heat. Sauté onion until translucent about 3 minutes, add garlic cook another minute. Add carrot, celery, sweet potatoes and cook for 6 minutes. Add stock and cook until potato is tender. Add broccoli and parmesan. Cook for 4 minutes. Remove from heat.

Puree soup with burr mixer or blender. If using blender start at lower speed and gradually increase speed. Season with salt and pepper.

Recipe courtesy of Chef Camille Renk of Camille’s Kitchen.

Cooking decreases the glucoraphanin content of Beneforte broccoli as it does for all broccoli. The best way to get the health benefits from any broccoli is to eat it raw or lightly steamed.